Where to Buy Ethers and Other Cryptocurrencies in India

Blockchain and cryptocurrency has been gaining a lot of momentum in the world. Players like ethereum are growing at an unprecedented rate. The global appeal and the general purpose applicability of the ethereum blockchain and the plethora of decentralised apps (Dapps) has caught the attention of people in India as well. Problem is that currently there are very few exchanges which provide direct INR to Ether trading facility.


There are players who do provide such an exchange but there are lots of problems with their services, user friendliness, responsiveness, customer support among other problems. Koinex.in is an exchange that promises to overcome all the above problems and make trading cryptocurrencies fast, secure and in a user friendly way.

With Russia backing national virtual currency and other nations like Japan, Australia and UK already regulating cryptocurrencies, we feel it is high time India too gets hold of cryptocurrencies as soon as possible!